About Myself

I think you always knew you were a Witch

That is what Italian American Catholic Father Said to me when I came out of the Broom Closet to him. He then went on to ask me if I remembered The Sea Shell shop in San Francisco near the Hotel we stayed at while seeing My Specialists at Shiner's Children's  Hospital. I told him I remembered the shop very fondly. He asked If I remembered The Woman with the dark hair that wore all black and a Pentagram  around her neck. I told him I didn't, he then went on to tell me the second we walked through the door I was on her, following her throughout the store like a little puppy dog. He then went on to tell me that I called her my sister and told her that I had been waiting to see her for so long. He told me that when we were leaving the City to go back home, I cried and hugged telling her I didn't want us to be separated again. I begged my parents not to take me away from her. My father said it disturbed him, because she was clearly a Devil Worshiper, dressed all in black like that. Big huge Pentagram around her throat? She was bad news bears for his 9 year old little Girl who was "fighting for her life". He said he put it out of his mind, but now "Elizabeth, I think you always knew you were a Witch."